Victor Hernandez Cruz- b. 1949 New York Puerto Rican poet, born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. Moved to Spanish Harlem New York City when he was five. His writing reflects the words of not only Puerto Ricans but Arawak Indian and African words as well as Chicanos, Dominicans, and Cubans, bridging his community with American society. Cruz's writings are sensual and ladden with resonating imagery, a reflection of our own beauty and uniqueness as Latino people.

Two Guitars
by Victor Hernandez Cruz


Two guitars were left in a room all alone
They sat on different corners of the parlor
In this solitude they started talking to each other
My strings are tight and full of tears
The man who plays me has no heart
I have seen it leave out of his mouth
I have seen it melt out his eyes
It dives into the pores pf the earth
When they squeeze me tight I bring
Down the angels who live off the chorus
The trios singing loosen organs
With melodious screwdrivers
Sentiment comes off the hinges
Because a song is a mountain put into
Words and landscape is the feeling that
Enters something so big in the harmony
We are always in danger of blowing up
With passion

The other guitar:
In 1944 New York
When the Trio Los Panchos started
With Mexican and Puerto Rican birds
I am the one that one of them held
Tight like a woman
Their throats gardenia gardens
An airport for dreams
I've been in theaters and cabarets
I played in an apartment on 102nd street
After a baptism pregnant with women
The men flirted and were offered
Chicken soup
Echoes came out of the hallways as if from caves
Someone is opening the door now
The two guitars hushed and there was a
Resonance in the air like what is left by
The last chord of a bolero