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"Because a song is a mountain put into
Words and landscape is the feeling that
Enters something so big in the harmony
We are always in danger of blowing up
With passion." Victor Hernandez Cruz


If I lay with you
On the temple stones
Beneath the rattlesnake tail
Sky of night
Would the Mayan's detest
My female self assertion
And suburban american your
Cafe con leche skin against mine, blanquita
Grinding our bones against
Volcanoes carved and caressed
By jaguar paw and
Smoke lily white.
The dust of our descendants
Does not rest
It howls beneath temple arches
Through doorways covered in yagua
Through the pleats of our hair
Through concrete graves
Dreams of freedom lay dead.

Yes, I could lay there
My head against your chest
Listening to the beating

Through skin stretched tightly over souls.

by theresa rosado

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