Bienvenidos to the "¡Viva Mexico!" web page inspired by the mural size poster commissioned by Teacher's Discovery. I designed and
created this site to provide additional information on the numerous design elements of the painting on the following page. After clicking
on "enter", hold your mouse's arrow over any portion of the painting until a "hand" appears. When the "hand" appears, click on the
image. A page of information regarding the image you clicked on will appear. To return to the original painting of "¡Viva Mexico!" just hit
your browsers "back" arrow. Keep in mind that this site is a work in progress. This is a one person project, created by the availability of
my free time- the editing phase is by no means complete, meaning that there are uncorrected errors in text. Realistic completion is not
expected to occur until 2005. This site was created independently by artist Theresa Rosado and has no association through Teacher's
Discovery in anyway , whether through funding, research, design or labor. I thank Teacher's Discovery for image use permission of the
mural I created and their interest in my work as an artist. ¡Disfruta!
Look for new improvements 2005 to this site as time
goes by such as an indexed listing of all design
elements. These changes are intended to make
the site better suited for educational use.

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Image rights of Viva Mexico © 2001 Teacher's Discovery
Painting, image map and web design & web text © 2001 fully created and designed by Theresa Rosado.

Viva Mexico painting collection of Carmen Regaldo.